Website is live!

And lit. I’m working with the beautiful and talented Jaclyn Heuser (she’s sitting beside me) and we’ve just launched her domain: Check it out!Read more

One site done

In about 24-48 hours, I finished the site for the music artist Jaclyn Heuser! The site is now live under my domain as a subdomain for testing purposes: Jaclyn Heuser feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!Read more

Commissioned to Work

I’ve recently been commissioned to make two websites! (Or at least there’s talk about it) I’m creating one for a Locksmith company here in Chicago and one for an up-and-coming Singer-Songwriter from Chicago! This is definitely a cool experience and I can’t wait to begin working on these sites. I’ll probably post some updates here!Read more

Miracles DO happen!

So on my website I’ve had a contact me and Feedback form that was always present since I created my site. The functions never really worked, It would look as though you’re sending me a message but I would never get the message because I never implemented the PHP for it. Well I did recentlyRead more

Pasta from Bocu

  Today I had some leftover pasta from the overnight shift that we had for inventory at work. The store ordered 10 boxes of pizza and a few boxes of pasta. The pasta was some sort of buttered noodles it seemed with like a garlic sauce. Maybe it was garlic butter sauce or something, IRead more

I’m changing the direction of this blog

I think I’m going to change this blog to become a blog where I review the food I eat from the fridge at work. Today I had some TGI Friday’s chicken named Cheryl. I’ll have to give it a 4/10 It was pretty cold and dry. Still had some flavor but overall not too enjoyable.Read more

What’s this blog about?

I plan to use this blog to keep updates of anything I’m doing whether it’s in the world of web developing or anything I may find interesting and want to share. I mainly will use this to chronicle my life events as I search for a career as a web developer: my trials, successes, andRead more