Miracles DO happen!

So on my website I’ve had a contact me and Feedback form that was always present since I created my site. The functions never really worked, It would look as though you’re sending me a message but I would never get the message because I never implemented the PHP for it. Well I did recentlyRead more

Pasta from Bocu

  Today I had some leftover pasta from the overnight shift that we had for inventory at work. The store ordered 10 boxes of pizza and a few boxes of pasta. The pasta was some sort of buttered noodles it seemed with like a garlic sauce. Maybe it was garlic butter sauce or something, IRead more

I’m changing the direction of this blog

I think I’m going to change this blog to become a blog where I review the food I eat from the fridge at work. Today I had some TGI Friday’s chicken named Cheryl. I’ll have to give it a 4/10 It was pretty cold and dry. Still had some flavor but overall not too enjoyable.Read more

What’s this blog about?

I plan to use this blog to keep updates of anything I’m doing whether it’s in the world of web developing or anything I may find interesting and want to share. I mainly will use this to chronicle my life events as I search for a career as a web developer: my trials, successes, andRead more